Georgette’s World Fake Star Wars News – November 3, 2011

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Georgette's World Star Wars News November 2011

Georgette’s World Star Wars Fake News 11-3-2011

    The Galaxy’s Most Trusted Name in Fake Star Wars News

  • BREAKING NEWS: Palpatine Harassment Scandal – Details emerging about harassment allegations leveled at Emperor by
    former female aides in Galactic Senate. “C’mon, do I look like I’d harass someone?!”

  • Movie Review: the Jedi Saga, breaking down. Bella and Edward – er, Anakin and Padme – must deal with the chain of consequences brought on by marriage, honeymoon, and tumultuous birth of a child – er, twins.
  • Real Medical Droids: It’s Ready. Are You? Toyota creating robots that can lift elderly patients from their beds or help them walk… if they don’t scare them to death first.
  • NASA’s New Tractor Beam’s First Catch of the Day: NASA… Isn’t that in Texas? TEXAS… Isn’t that Rick Perry’s state? CHEWIE… Get us outta this beam quick!
  • Ladies Night: free drinks, Loosen Your Standards, MOS EISLEY CANTINA
  • Padme Amidala shares her mom’s wicked cool Thanksgiving recipes
  • Stormtroopers stop beating Coruscant protesters after realizing they too are the 99 percent
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