E3: Star Wars: The Old Republic – game review

Thankfully, the second half of these demos usually contains a few new bits of information. This time around we finally got some information on the multiplayer dialogue system and the high level raids, which in The Old Republic are called Operations. Along the way, we also got our first look at Alderaan and had a chance to drive the new player vehicles through the Jundland Wastes. At our level, they’re not quite like Landspeeders or Speeder Bikes. These are more like intergalactic Rascals or Segways. Still, it’s nice to run over Sandpeople.

The mission in the demo takes place in Castle Panteer on the world of Alderaan. As the last of a massive ten-part story arc on the planet, this showdown between the player and the rebellious nobleman Bouris Ulgo, who has seized control of the Castle, is the culmination of hours and hours of play. The party moving in to take him down includes a Jedi Counselor who selected the healing Sage advance class, a gunslinging Smuggler, a Jedi Knight who took the tank-focused Guardian specialization, and a Trooper who has been promoted to the rank of Commando.

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