Georgette’s World Fake Star Wars News – August 1,2011

Georgette's World Star Wars Fake News 8-1-2011

Georgette's World Star Wars Fake News 8-1-2011

Georgette’s World Star Wars Fake News 8-1-2011

    The Galaxy’s Most Trusted Name in Fake Star Wars News

  • Cowboys & Aliens: Han Solo AND James Bond? Spokesman claims Mega Action Heroes’ fight against Aliens is downright dirty and unfair: “They should’ve just gone ahead and thrown in Sigourney Weaver too!”
  • BOMBAD!!! Representative Jar Jar Binks accidentally locks self in restroom, misses key vote on Debt Ceiling: “Meesa missa da vote!”
  • Singer Shocker! Sy Snootles to enter rehab at Betty Ford Clinic.
  • THE TOP TEN Ewok Mange Remedies That Actually Work.
  • Will Coruscant’s favorite QB Frett Bavre stay retired… again?
  • Junk dealer Watto arrested in major speeder chop-shop bust.
  • Chancellor Palpatine’s closed-door meeting with Jedi Master Mace
    Windu said to be “electrifying.”

  • Find The Best Vacation Travel Deals To Naboo and Alderaan.
  • Rapper Soulja Hutt’s Birthday Jet Purchase Story Is Bling Poodoo: Hutt Gangster Rapper and members of his inner circle spread lies about purchasing a 55-million-credit jet in lame publicity stunt.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: “Qui-Gon Jinn Still Speaks To Me.”
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