Georgette’s World Fake Star Wars News – October 10, 2011

Georgette's World Star Wars News October 2011

Georgette's World Star Wars News October 2011

Georgette’s World Star Wars Fake News 10-10-2011

    The Galaxy’s Most Trusted Name in Fake Star Wars News

  • OCCUPY CORUSCANT – Protestors Fed-Up With Imperial Excess… But can they turn the Empire back into a Republic?
  • Movie Review: REAL SQUEAL – In the future, where robot boxing is a popular sport, struggling promoter (Anakin Skywalker) thinks he’s found his champion in a cowardly robot he built years ago.
  • Man Throws Hot Dog at Palpatine: “I’m a vegan, jerk!” Suspect arrested after manhunt, but serious doubts remain whether or not police caught the right man. Angry Palpy executes him anyway.
  • What The Frack? Aleena claim earthquakes and underground poison gas caused by Empire Oil Company “fracking”. Empire CEO denies claim by “those lying, tree-hugging, little freaks.”
  • Top 10 Halloween Tips From Sith Lord and Former Vampire
    Count Dooku

  • Jabba’s Palace Tatooine: CASINO RESORT Live Shows Daily All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • “Star Wars: The Blueprints” book includes plans for the Death Star. Many Bothans died to get royalties
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